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At SeismicPro, our speciality is seismic bracing design and structural frame design for building services. We also specialise in providing prefabrication solution and seismic evaluation & retrofit of existing building. We offer engineered solution so that your project comply with standards with minimum cost in terms of material and labour.

We are a team of structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineers that can offer practical solutions for your projects.

our services
Cost Estimation of seismic bracing products

Cost Estimation

BIM modelling, revit and Navisworks


Drafting Drawings, Revit and AutoCAD


site inspection and construction monitoring


Design certification and sign off


Seismic Bracing Design for Non-Structural Components

With years of experience in seismic design both in Australia and internationally, our engineering team has the capabilities and expertise to provide  cost effective solutions that can save you time and hassle. We offer seismic restraint design in accordance with AS1170.4 for MEP-F services such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire and medical gas.

We can provide seismic design based on your preferred products and we take care of engineering, code compliance, design project management, drafting, certification and bill of material for your ease of mind.

Seismic bracing design- seismic Frame
Seismic Restraint Design
Structural design

Structural Frame Design for Building Services

Riser Frame design for prefabrication

Whether you need prefabrication solution, or you want to the check capacity of a specific framework or design/certify supports for non-structural components (such as pipe racks) we are here to help.

We ensure code compliance with Australian code such as AS/NZS 4100, AS/NZS 1170s and AS/NZS 4600 and NCC, and provide engineering calculation, workshop drawings and certification

All Documents will be signed off by charted engineers in structural engineering for your ease of mind. 

Prefabrication Solutions & Lifting Methodology

Offering Prefabrication solution that will save you site's hassles, cost and time.

As fabrication usually occurs in the controlled environment of engineering workshops according to engineering drawings, prefabricated frames come with superior quality compared to on-site construction. This eliminates the worry that may come during inspections later on.


Due to better planning in design, elimination of wastage, safety against weather conditions, and quicker fabrication, the process of off-site fabrication is usually faster than on site. Having a shorter construction time allows the projects to be completed according or prior to deadlines.

Lifting Methodology and Certificate
Existing Buildings

Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit​ of Existing Buildings

Seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings

Seismic retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity. To have a better understanding of seismic vulnerability of structures, seismic evaluation can demonstrate the capacity of structure and can compare to demand of earthquake on the local area. The technical guidelines for seismic assessment, retrofit and rehabilitation have been published in Australia and around the world.

The retrofit techniques outlined in SeismicPro are applicable for timber, masonry, steel and concrete structures. Our practice of seismic retrofitting is predominantly concerned with structural improvements to reduce the seismic hazard of using the structures, it is similarly essential to reduce the hazards and losses from non-structural elements such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire and medical gas components.

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