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Seismic Bracing, Prefabrication and Frame design

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SeismicPro: Your Partner for Structural Engineering

SeismicPro is structural engineering firm specialising in seismic bracing design, structural frame design, and comprehensive building consultants. We acknowledge the crucial value of protecting your structures against seismic events in compliance with AS1170.4 standards. Our tailored solutions ensure project resilience while optimizing costs and efficiency. With a team of expert engineers and industry professionals, we're your partners in achieving seismic compliance without compromising quality or budget.

Seismic events pose risks to stability and safety, making preparedness a necessity. Our services are built on expertise, innovation, and dedication. By harnessing Seismic Bracing, Structural Design, Prefabrication, Lifting Methodology, and BIM Modelling, we offer solutions that meet AS1170.4 standards while minimizing expenses. Our team remains responsive, addressing inquiries promptly.

Our Specialised Structural Engineering with AS1170.4 Compliance

At SeismicPro, we provide specialized structural engineering and seismic bracing design services. With a focus on safety, innovation, and excellence, we accommodate the unique demands of modern construction projects. Our expertise lies in the following:

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Structural Frame Design

The Backbone of Stability

Crafting a structure's core demands a deep understanding of materials, load distribution, and structural analysis intent. Our structural frame design services provide the foundational strength your project needs. From towering skyscrapers to intricate cultural centres, our designs balance aesthetics and practicality, delivering enduring solutions.

Existing Building

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Building

Digitizing Possibilities, Enhancing Collaboration

Experience the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) with SeismicPro. Our BIM modelling services create comprehensive digital representations that transcend traditional 3D models. We foster seamless stakeholder collaboration by integrating data about materials, systems, and more, providing insights from design to maintenance.

Seismic Bracing

Seismic Bracing Design

Building Resilience in Every Design

Our skilled engineers specialize in creating seismic bracing solutions to ensure occupant safety and safeguard your investments. By incorporating advanced techniques and adhering to AS1170.4 standards, we design structures that withstand seismic forces while maintaining functionality and aesthetics.

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Efficiency Redefined

Embrace efficiency through our prefabrication solutions. By assembling components off-site, we minimize disruptions and optimize resource utilization. Our experts strategize, design, and execute prefabrication plans that streamline construction timelines, reduce waste, and enhance quality control.

Raising Expectations, Ensuring Safety

Lifting requires meticulous planning and execution. Our lifting methodology services offer innovative and secure strategies for lifting and placing large elements. From precise calculations to on-site coordination, we ensure flawless positioning of your project's heaviest components, safeguarding workers and structures.

Prefabrication Solution and Lifting Methodology

Precision Beyond Construction: Advanced Structural and Seismic Engineering Solutions

SeismicPro goes beyond structural integrity to elevate every aspect of your construction project. With a resolute focus on excellence, innovation, and safety, we are your trusted partners in achieving greatness:

Cost Estimation
Cost Estimation

Building Smart Budgets

Accurate cost estimation is pivotal to a project's success. Our experts meticulously assess project requirements, material costs, labour, and variables to provide comprehensive and precise estimates. With our transparent, data-driven approach, you can confidently plan and allocate resources from inception to completion.


Digitizing Possibilities, Enhancing Collaboration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) revolutionizes our services. It empowers seismic bracing design, optimizes seismic frame design, streamlines prefabrication, enhances lifting methodology, and fosters efficient project lifecycle management from design to maintenance.


Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

Quality assurance is paramount in construction. Our inspection services comprehensively assess construction activities, materials, and adherence to safety standards.


Transforming Concepts into Precision

Our drafting services bridge imagination and reality. Skilled drafters translate design concepts into detailed plans, ensuring accuracy and adherence to industry standards. With precision and excellence, we bring your ideas to life on paper, setting the stage for flawless construction execution.


Building Trust through Compliance

Certifications demonstrate your project's integrity and safety. Our services guide you through the certification process, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Build trust with stakeholders and the community by showcasing regulatory adherence.

Elevating Projects with AS1170.4-Compliant Seismic and Structural Engineering Solutions

SeismicPro is dedicated to crafting solutions that elevate your projects to new levels of excellence. With a commitment to cost-effectiveness, compliance with AS1170.4, and unmatched responsiveness, our team is your ultimate partner in seismic design, structural innovation, and beyond. Embark on a journey where engineering brilliance meets tangible results. Reach out to us today and witness the seismic difference that SeismicPro brings to the table. Your vision, our expertise – together, we build the extraordinary.

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